The Shotgun House Project  Rebuild New Orleans

The Shotgun House Project
A Project of the Miletus Group, Inc.
Purchase Options

Purchase Options

The Miletus Group’s Shotgun House is designed to appeal to a variety of buyers, including:

  • Homeowners who want to rebuild,
  • Low-income housing/re-housing groups & CDC’s,
  • Private and public rental property managers,
  • Investors and developers, and
  • New or returning NOLA residents desiring a high quality new home.

Purchase options include:

Standard Plan—Complete Home
Acquire a home based on one of our standard plans without modifications. We will select historically appropriate exterior materials, colors and other details. Standard appliances, interior finishes and colors will also be installed and finished by the Miletus Group.

Standard Plan—Unfinished Home
To increase affordability and for those that have access to or have the skills themselves, these homes can be acquired unfinished. The house will be structurally sound and, if desired, be finished to a minimal living state. Other aspects of the home, such as the exterior and interior surfaces will be unfinished. Buyers can reduce initial acquisition costs using this purchase method. Finishes can then be completed at the owner’s pace and budget and applied at the site thus adding sweat equity to the value of the home.

Customized Plan—Complete or Unfinished Home
Customize the standard plans by working with Miletus Group on your purchase. Participate in selection of overall style, materials, patterns, finishes, colors, appliances and more prior to the home being built.

Note, on the above purchase plans the buyer is expected to have a property already secured for building. The basic purchase package includes the super-structure of the home, that is all work above the foundation. It excludes local utility connections. If desired, the Miletus Group can also be retained to coordinate foundation and utility work by local contractors for a complete turn-key solution.

Standard Plan—Complete Home and Property
The Miletus Group is also developing completed homes and offering them for sale as is. These homes will be convenient as they will be move-in ready. However, customized finish options will not normally be available.

Please contact the Miletus Group, Inc. with inquiries.

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